Transform Digitally

SQrity works with you in designing a digital transformation roadmap by identifying areas for innovation. The goal is not just to choose the best tech. It is to determine the right technology that is the best fit for your business in order to set up your company for long-term success.

Protect Data and Customers

With the massive increase in threats due to digitization, we will help you assess, strategize, build, defend, and maintain your information and cybersecurity capabilities by integrating security designs, frameworks and architectures into your processes and systems.

Educate Stakeholders

SQrity seeks to understand your employees and their need to learn at the speed of digital. We work with you on how to integrate digital technology and cybersecurity into your company culture, not only on how to use any technology education platform but more significantly on the best practices in order to ensure employee engagement and talent development.

Our Services

SQrity provides workshops on digital transformation. One output is a digital roadmap to help you shape your present to your vision of tomorrow.

SQrity provides an awareness program starter to give individuals and organizations the current threat and security landscape. (ABSO-lutely) is the registered trademark brand for the SQrity awareness and data privacy education program.  The output is a security response initiative to start your cybersecurity journey.

SQrity provides a quick session on how online learning is defined, designed, developed, assessed, and iterated. The result is the attendee mindset supported by various online learning frameworks and best practices for training, talent building, and edcuation.

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President and CEO

I help companies adapt and transform during this wave of global digital disruptions. I specialize in digital transformation, cybersecurity, and in educational technology.

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